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Home & Kitchen Black Friday Deals Under $50

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Black Friday is quickly approaching! In 2020 fashion, it will look a little different this year as stores are extending their sales and most shopping will move online. However, there is no shortage of unbeatable deals this year! Home & Kitchen Black Friday deals are some of my favorite finds because, in my opinion, you can never have enough kitchenware!

Every year you have sales the classic kitchen gifts such as coffee makers and kitchen appliances, as well as exciting new finds for this season! I have so much fun hunting out these deals and am happy to get to share them with you!

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Unique Gifts Everyone Will Love

Tabletop Mini Fridge

I’ve seen more and more of these mini fridges and can’t get over how cute they are! It can be filled with skincare or canned drinks, and is compact enough to fit on your desk at home. It may even tuck nicely under your desk at the office 😂 This is such a unique gift and comes in lots of fun colors!

Golden Utensil Set

I always buy more kitchen utensils and may have a problem lol! It doesn’t even have to be useful, if there’s a cute kitchen gadget I want it! This utensil set is crispy white and bright gold — and who doesn’t love gold accents these days?? There’s several people on my list who would love this gift.

Counter-top Canisters

Countertop canisters are some of my favorite kitchen items to shop for. Every store now has their own variety of farmhouse storage and it’s hard for me to pick just one! I like the fun script on these jars and love that tea is included — a rarity all tea lovers will be thankful for.

Chef Kenny’s Spice Set

For the cook in your life, you cannot go wrong with spice sets. Even though our spice cabinet is already at capacity, we’ll happily make some sacrifices for new spice blends! Most quality spices can be a little pricey but not only are these affordable, they’re Oprah approved! Plus they come with recipe cards so you can jump right into using these.

Sea Salt Sampler

Let’s continue the spice-giving with the ultimate seasoning: SALT. Salt is essential in every kitchen but I’ve longingly dreamed of upping my sea salt game. There’s so many options out there (in such large quantities) so this set makes it was to test drive out these amazing salt varieties! I can’t wait to try this out myself!

Stainless Steel Mug

Unpopular opinion time: stainless steel mugs are the new coffee mugs. To me, traditional coffee mugs lead to lots of clutter and never get used often. These mugs come in beautiful designs and are easily transported from home to on the go! They’re very durable, lasting through endless dishwasher cycles and coffee stains. The marble is my favorite!

Multi-color Butter Dish

So simple and classic, yet so fun! Most of us know at least 1 person who’s always bursting with energy and wearing bright pops of color — this is the gift for them! Add even more joy to their colorful lives with this fun butter dish. Butter dishes don’t have to be plain and drab any longer.

Electric Kettle

Near the top of my wishlist this year!! Kettles are starting to take over the US (finally!) and I couldn’t be happier. Using a kettle beats boiling water on the stovetop any day. I’ve wanted one for awhile now and can’t get over this cute style and all it’s great reviews.

Candy Dipped Apples

Christmas time means lots and lots of sweets! Candies apples don’t have to be reserved for fall, these chocolate dipped apples are perfect as holiday sweets. These come in a variety of styles and chocolate and make it hard for me to make a selection. The crate they’re packaged in makes this gift extra special too. One of each please!

Home-made S’mores Kit

More sweets please! The colder months allow for wonderful moments around the fire pit, huddling up to keep warm and munching on gooey s’mores. Hershey’s has all your s’mores needs covered with this all-in-one s’mores kit! Don’t fight the grocery stores this time of year to replace stale graham crackers or hardened marshmallows, get all you need shipped directly to your house. Everything comes fresh and packaged neatly in a reusable chocolate caddy. I can’t wait to enjoy this with my family!

Moroccan Glasses

How beautiful are these glasses?? I don’t know about you, but in this pandemic I’ve really missed traveling and exploring the world. I’m hoping to satisfy my FOMO and bring a little bit of worldly accents home with these Moroccan glasses. You’ll want to add Moroccan cuisine to your menu with these on your dinner table.

Bob’s Burgers Recipe Book

Any Bob’s Burgers lovers out there? We watch this show daily in my house and I love seeing what punny burger names they have on the menu each episode. This book compiles all of Bob’s tasty and sometimes bizarre burger combinations for you to try at home! The ultimate gift for all Bob’s Burgers super fans. My favorite: Sweet Home Avocado burger 🥑

Ceramic Utensils Holder

Remember all this utensils I keep purchasing? Well, they all need a home and this utensils holder couldn’t be more perfect! These are also a dime a dozen and it can be difficult to find one I love. I was so happy this ceramic holder came into my life! This product is low in stock so act fast for this sweet kitchen addition.

Farm-house Cookbook Stand

I love adding farmhouse accents to my home! Little hints here and there make me really happy. I love this style and wish Joana Gaines could wave her magic wand! This stand is a simple gift but looks amazing on your counter holding your Magnolia cookbook.

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Classic Kitchen Gifts

Bakeware Set

If your oven drawer doesn’t jam when you try to close it, you don’t have enough baking pans 😂 You can never have enough sheet pans or muffin trays, and there’s so many different sizes that I feel like I always am seeking them out in the store. This bakeware set includes all your baking needs if starting a new kitchen collection or adding into an existing one. I love when my kitchen goods match and are cohesive too!

Air-tight Storage Containers

Air-tight food containers have been on every wishlist of mine ever since I first learned of them. The Home Edit has further my love of practically and organization and it’s something that shouldn’t be skimped on in your kitchen. The organization from these bins is effortless and I love seeing a pantry filled with fully stocked and labeled dry goods.

Enamel Dutch Oven

My hunt for a dutch oven is still on! There are so many great options out there and I can’t settle in on one — plus I’m a little hesitant on shipping one I wish I could go into a Sur la Table and check them all out. The great thing about this dutch oven is the price: under $50!! I didn’t think that was possible but from all the reviews it seems like this one gets the most bang for your buck.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Non-stick cookware is great, but there’s something about a beautiful set of glimmering stainless steel. My stainless steel cookware is filled with odds and ends or one-off pieces I’ve found at thrift stores or sale racks. A full set like this here would be an amazing gift! This set definitely looks expensive but is easy on your wallet, and has all the staple cookware pieces your kitchen could need.

Air Fryer

Air fryers and Instant Pots aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! An air fryer is a great addition to your kitchen and it’s understandable why they’re still so heavily sought after. I love my air fryer for its easy and efficiency in frying foods without the hassle of using oil. Enjoying “fried” foods without excess oil is a win-win in my book.

Desk Size Coffee Maker

Work-from-home offices are getting used more than ever before. Decorate your work area and make it even more cozy with a desk-size coffee maker! Why walk all the way to the kitchen when you have fresh brewed coffee within arm’s reach?? Okay, so maybe it’s a little over the top but this would be such a great gift to make working from home more enjoyable, whether it rests on your limited counter space or right next to your desktop. It’s just so cute and would have me brewing coffee all day to have the heavenly coffee aroma in my office.

Instant Pot Mini

The beloved Instant Pot. I feel like a product wishlist is incomplete without one of these appliances. The mini Instant Pot here is the one I use weekly. It’s compact enough to fit in my cabinets but large enough to cook plenty of servings of food for 4-6 people.

I’ve never felt the need for a larger one and am so thrilled this is the size I started out with. For single people or small families, the Instant Pot Mini is the way to go!

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Wow I am truly overwhelmed by the length of my wishlist and it continues to grow each time I scour the internet! What are your favorite finds so far this year? Share in the comments below so I can add those to my list too 😉

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  1. Jennifer Marston

    Love those Moroccan glasses and the gold cutlery! I’m getting my own office soon and I’d be very tempted to have a mini fridge in there with a ton of snacks haha!

  2. You’ve got some fantastic gift ideas here that people can buy for Black Friday and some of these ideas are perfect for Christmas as well, I love the sound of candy dipped apples, they sound gorgeous. 😁

  3. I’ve never bought anything on black Friday, so it’s a shame these are all items only available on Amazon, as I won’t have anything to do with Amazon because of how they treat their employees, pay less tax than most people on minimum wage, and how they treated the protest leader who were fighting for better safety measures to work through the pandemic. Other than that, the gift ideas themselves seem nice for the home

  4. oh my gosh! I want everything you suggested. we actually have an instant pot and we are asking for its air fryer attachment for christmas. best purchase ever!
    thanks for the awesome suggestions! that mini fridge is adorable

  5. Can I just say I want most of these on the list. I remember my mom getting me a non stick cookie sheet twice for Christmas in my late 20’s & I was so excited to have them. I like to bake, I’m not a pro lol, so getting my own was the highlight of my holiday. Thank you for sharing this post.

  6. A lovely curated list of gift ideas for the foodie on your gift list. I just had to replace my tea kettle. It’s predecessor and the new one are just a simple (boring) stainless steel. I had no idea such beautiful kettles existed!
    Although I realize that many bloggers choose to become Amazon affiliates to help support their blog, I have to agree with Unwanted Life’s comments. The good news is that there are many affiliate opportunities out there that allow bloggers to support woman-owned, black-owned, Indigenous-owned, or Latina-owned companies. I encourage you to seek some out – you may even find that the commissions are better.

  7. You included so many good choices here. I really love the golden utensil set and the electric kettle. I already have a perfectly good tea pot, but my mother in law was just telling me that I have to switch to an electric kettle because she just loves hers.

  8. Okay, you’ve given me SO many great ideas for gifts to buy on Black Friday this year. Thanks for this in-depth gift guide. I love finding new home/kitchen items to purchase for my house along with others!

  9. These are fantastic gift ideas! I already have an air fryer and has been a great alternative to a cooker especially as we only have 2 in my home so don’t need to cook large meals

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