Spring Picnic Salad Recipes

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Spring Picnic Salad Recipes range from sweet to savory, hot to cold, and everything in between! Throw out your veggie-only salad stereotypes and find something exciting for every palate. The optimal picnic recipes are made ahead, easy to prepare, and, most importantly, light enough so you enjoy the sunshine without feeling sluggish. If you’re anything like me, you will fall in love with a few of these finds! Let’s dive right in

Fun in the Sun Picnic Salad Tips

One of my favorite things to do when the days grow long and warm is to enjoy a meal outside. Getting fresh air, soaking up some rays, and indulging in great food and drink is my ideal dinner time experience.

When you first think of salads, you may think of a veggie-filled bowl consisting of a lot of lettuce. The salads listed here are anything but! Grains, fruit, legumes, these salads are certainly thinking out of the box.

When it comes to prepping dishes for the outdoors, you have to consider the temperature, the time it will be unrefrigerated, etc. With salads, it’s best to say “no” to lettuce and cut it out completely. Fragile vegetables such as lettuce will wilt or get soggy if prepared ahead.

Stick with hearty bases that will not soil with time or room temperature conditions – rice, chickpeas, or fruit, to name a few.

If using any dairy or meat, keep your dish on ice as much as you possible can with ice packs or cooler bags while en route. This will preserve the food and keep it fresh as long as possible.

Check out even more tips for a flawless spring picnic!

Spring Picnic Salad essentials

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Making Spring Picnic Salad Recipes

Do you have any picnicking plans in your future? Grab a blanket and whip up a few of these delectable salads for a guaranteed memorable time. Are there any recipes here that get you excited or have your mouth watering? Start with those and uncover some dishes that will turn into keepers!

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  1. Yum! I love a good salad during the summer, they’re light but also fill you up for those summertime activities. These are making my mouth water, now I’m hungry. haha.

  2. These look so delicious and perfect for the warmer weather especially a picnic. I love salads so this was an interesting post for me! Thank you for sharing these recipes!


  3. This is such an amazing collection. All salads look so delicious and healthy. I can’t wait to try them all.

  4. Yum! These salads look absolutely delicious, I love salad whatever the weather but there’s something about a picnic that makes them sparkle. I love the sound of the vegan pasta salad x

  5. These look delicious! Especially loved the orzo salad and the pesto salad! I’m in love with cold pasta salads when the weather gets warm. They are filling and absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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