21 Grilled Desserts You Need to Try This Summer

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Don’t let summer pass you by without trying these 21 impeccable Grilled Desserts! If you thought desserts couldn’t get any dreamier or more satisfying, just wait until you try your favorites with those coveted grill marks. From sweet concoctions to fruity favorites, you’ll be firing up the grill everyday to get a taste of each one!

Summertime Cookouts

You can’t have summer without a few meals around the picnic table. Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and more wouldn’t be the same without sharing an outdoor meal filled with burgers, lemonade, and, of course, all-American pie! But how can you take recipes already-delicious recipes and elevate them to the next level of flavorful goodness? Enter the grill!

The grill is the centerpiece of all great cookouts and can do so much more than just cooking up the mains. Grilled desserts are severely underrated and should become as much of a practice as grilled burgers.

For tips and tricks on perfectly grilled fruit, check out this piece from All Recipes. Without further ado, let’s jump into the recipes. Once you take a look at these mouthwatering finds you will not be able to stay away!

Grilled Desserts

The best grilled desserts you need to have at your cookout this summer!

Get Your Grill On

Now that you’ve feasted your eyes on these twenty-one charred sweets, there’s no doubt you’re itching for a nice day to give them a shot! But first, what will you start with: fruity vs. chocolatey? It’s an impossible choice!

Next time you fire up the grill I hope you’re encouraged to experiment a little with go out of your comfort zone. You’ll want to practice if you’re hoping to impress your family at your next cookout!

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Share which recipes you plan to try below! Myself and the authors would love to hear from you 😊

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27 thoughts on “21 Grilled Desserts You Need to Try This Summer”

  1. I totally just had lunch but could go back and eat everything on this list! I haven’t had any grilled food in a while and currently craving it! Love the idea of the pineapple sandwich and melon and pineapple skewers! x

  2. That grilled pineapple with jalapeno honey, speaks to me in ways it shouldn’t! 😂

    A language I can get onboard with when the grill can finally come out.

  3. Oh boy, you’ve totally killed it here! There’s something special about grilled desserts. The perfect end to a great meal. And you’ve shown some amazing choices and simple recipes! Thanks for sharing,

  4. All of these have my mouth watering! They look so delicious and easy for summer grilling season 🙂 I’m a huge fan of apples & peaches so I’ll probably give those a try first as I’ve got a couple in the fridge right now. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’ve never tried grilled peaches or pineapples and there are so many ideas here for those. If we ever get any summer here I’m going to be brave and try them out. Loving the idea of the Lemon Blueberry Angel cake recipe too… that I may have to try with or without any warm weather.

  6. WARNING: This is not a post you should read on an empty stomach! haha! Seriously though, so many delicious recipes in this collection! Definitely going to try some of these out! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a fabulous post! Love it and cannot wait to make some of your divine desserts. I have already picked out four that will I will be making this long weekend.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. So many delicious recipes in one spot! Makes your mouth water! The grilling season is hereby opened! 😉

  9. I love summer just for grilling alone but I never think about grilling desert. I am definitely pinning for this holiday weekend and for all summer long. I want to try every single one!

  10. I love grilled desserts! Especially anything with peaches. Great list and I’m gonna have a pick a couple for our summer camping trip!

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