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The Fall Food Blogger Gift Guide: My Amazon Wishlist

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Kitchen gadgets, cooking props, and photography backdrops are a few things that every food blogger needs. To celebrate my upcoming birthday this week (yay!!), I wanted to share my Amazon wishlist and food blogger gift guide! Do we ever have enough kitchen things?? The answer is always no.😘 Discover some new amazing products below!

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Fall: My favorite Time of Year

September has always been my favorite month of the year. Not only is it my birth month but it’s the beginning of my favorite season: fall! The weather starts getting cooler, the leaves change color, and it’s full of warm comforting food.

Kick off your fall recipes with Greek Lemon Chicken Soup and Fresh Peach Oat Crumble for dessert. Yum!

This fall I’m hoping to make lots of tasty treats filled with pumpkins, apples, squashes, and more! With that in mind, there are a few fall-themed kitchen items that every food blogger could benefit from. Let’s check them out in the food blogger gift guide!

If you have any of these products or other brands to recommend, please share in the comments below to add to the food blogger gift guide!! Maybe I’ll be able to have a little shopping spree after opening all these birthday cards 😉

Cooking and Baking Essentials

Clear KitchenAid Stand Mixer Bowl

I love my KitchenAid stand mixer and will never go back to mixing by hand every again! However, it is a little difficult to get photos of what the mixture looks like without having food drip on my camera or harsh glares off of the stainless steel. I’ve noticed in most cooking shows they use clear bowls to prevent this — genius! This bowl is perfect for shooting photos and videos and making it abundantly clear what’s going on inside.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I’ve never own a dutch oven but love their versatility and being able to move them from the stovetop to the oven. Less dirty dishes for me! These beautiful dutch ovens are the stars of so many food photography shoots. They look amazing with their warm colors and as the centerpieces of photos. When I picture a dutch oven like this, I imagine a comforting spread of food with warm lighting that makes me instantly click for more. Cast iron dutch ovens are ALSO pretty expensive at times, but this one from CrockPot is more affordable than others. The dream is Le Creuset or Staub but testing out one like this is the perfect way to get started before moving onto the big brands.

Glass Measuring Cup Set

I have an assortment of random measuring cups that I’ve accumulated throughout college and the last few years. They get the job done, but I feel like glass measuring cups are the real deal for when you have an “actual” kitchen. Pyrex glassware is top of the line and I love their glass storage containers. I love the variety in these measuring cups and that’s it’s a set of various sizes and measurements. And once again, they’re clear (sense a theme here 😉) and would photograph so well!

Ninja Blender

A heavy duty blender is a staple in a well-stocked kitchen! My inexpensive smoothie blender I have used for years just doesn’t cut it anymore. Vinaigrettes, sauces, and creams need a little more power and space that this blender can provide. I was inspired by Bobby Flay’s “Brunch at Bobby’s” in which he uses a similar blender in almost every episode. It really opens up the door for more creativity in the kitchen.

Wire Cooling Rack

How have I gone this long without a proper cooling rack?? I would just use whatever I had available to get the done. I want to try my hand at baking more and a cooling rack is a must! Every cook needs one of these to use a million different ways: breads, rolls, cookies, veggies, and more! Also, they look amazing in pictures with their wire elements and can provide variations in height too.

Classic Pie Dish

A classic pie dish is the final touch of a picture-perfect pie. There’s nothing like a bright pie dish to make your desserts pop on your dinner tables and in your pictures. I love the traditional red color and feel like it exudes so much warmth. With this I envision myself making lots of delicious apple pies and quiches!

Fun Kitchen Items

Air-Tight Storage Containers

I’ve had my eyes on these containers since I first saw them. Air tight storage containers preserve the food in your pantry while creating an effortless organized look. My pantry can always use a little more organization and uniformity and would benefit from these containers. Oxo always produces high quality items and these are no different. I’ve tried out other brands and they just don’t perform as well or look as clean and tidy like Oxo.

Waffle Maker

How fun are homemade waffles?? Growing up we were definitely more of a pancake family and I only made waffles at hotel’s continental breakfasts lol. Lately I’ve been seeing lots of great ideas for sweet and savory waffles and have been dying to try some myself. I’m loving savory breakfast dishes lately so a cheddar jalapeno waffle sounds amazing right about now!

Glass Coffee Mugs

Ahh yes more clear things 😊 I’d love to be able to take more pictures of our coffee creations that we make that aren’t just overhead shots. With these clear mugs you can really see the beautiful layering of the drinks. I love my unique and brightly colored mugs but you can’t go wrong with have a couple clear ones that are photoshoot-ready.

Colorful Dessert Bowls

Aren’t these the cutest dessert bowls you’ve ever seen? I LOVE all the color and mismatched designs. Not only are they fun but I feel like they would add so much to a photo that needs more texture or pops of color. Most bowls I currently have are standard beige bowls and work great for vibrant soups or sides, but when I’m cooking up something a little less colorful (like mashed potatoes, for instance) these bowls would be the perfect pair.

Cotton Kitchen Towels

Even before I started my food blog I had an obsession with kitchen towels and have ended up with quite a large collection! I love fun towels and using them as decoration for different seasons or times of year. Kitchen Towels also look fantastic in food photos and provide such great contrasts in texture. I want to use them in almost every photo I do and have to pull in the reins sometimes to not overdo it. I love the subtlety of these towels and feel like they’d bring a nice cotton, organic texture to pictures, especially with my wooden table as a backdrop.

Photography Needs for Food Bloggers

Tripod Kit with Horizontal Column

Wow I need one of these! If there’s one thing I learned really quickly, it’s that I don’t have a steady hand AT ALL. If I want to start making videos of my cooking I need a sturdy tripod that can stabilize my camera and not take up too much space. This tripod has amazing reviews on Amazon and most importantly, comes with a horizontal column for shots directly overhead. Which is 99% of what food bloggers typically do! It’s a splurge but hopefully one day.

Affordable Photography Backdrops

I’ve recently started obsessing over lots of photography backdrops and feel like I can never have enough! But do you guys know how expensive they are?? Phew, I was not expecting that price tag when I started researching them. My favorites right now are Ink and Elm — they are more affordable and super durable. One day I hope to be able to purchase all of mine from them. However, when I’m looking for some cheap alternatives just to play with and experiment with, these affordable backdrops on Amazon are the way to go for me right now. They’re double-sided, under $40, and come in lots of various patterns. They’re a great way for me to test out different styles without breaking the bank and see which ones I’d like to purchase at a higher quality.

Countertop Single Burner

If you’ve ever taken pictures on an electric stovetop, the light is not your friend! There are glares no matter which way you turn or how much you play with the lighting. This countertop single burner is a food blogger’s best friend. You can now cook your food in glare-free areas and get endless amazing shots! This opens up the door for moving onto making videos of recipes and providing even bigger and better content for your readers. I can picture this burner now on my kitchen table with lots of natural light and can only imagine all of the great photos I’d get! This may be #1 on my list.

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What are some of your must-haves this season?? Share your favorites from the food blogger gift guide below!

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72 thoughts on “The Fall Food Blogger Gift Guide: My Amazon Wishlist”

  1. I have a handful of these, like the Pyrex measuring cups, Ninja blender, and wire cooling rack – and I love them all! I also love the products you have listed for photography. I hope you get all the goods for your birthday MONTH! That’s a great way to celebrate!

  2. Hey Kalin, I don’t cook, but I think glass storage containers and Bodum glasses are staples in my corner of the kitchen as well. I hope you eventually purchase a Le Creuset though. They always look so pretty in the kitchen aisle at departmental stores.

  3. You’ve created a lovely food blogger gift guide! Well done! I love using glass storage containers and measuring cups, too. Other kitchen gadgets that I use and couldn’t live without include my Vitamix blender, Cuisinart food processor, and a simple garlic press.

  4. Happy early birthday! I’ve been wanting a kitchen aid for the longest time and getting a clear bowl is such a great idea, and sounds like it will really help with your blogging! I’ve added the waffle maker to my list too, as you can’t go wrong with a good waffle haha!xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

  5. I have a cast iron Dutch Oven and it’s honestly amazing! I use it for sourdough more than anything else.
    I had no idea you could get those backdrops, I may have to invest in some!

  6. I don’t really cook but I would love to organize our kitchen with those air tight containers. But yes to the clear coffee glass and colorful bowls! Love them!

  7. Love these new kitchen collections! Which reminds me I need a cooling rack. Looking forward to your autumn dishes, I prefer cooking in cooler months! 😉

  8. You’ve just reminded me that I really need to get myself a wire cooling rack!! I love baking, but I haven’t done much lately because I always find that I’m missing a vital piece of equipment!

    Another essential that we need in our house is a dutch oven. I might have to add one to my Christmas list 🙂

  9. This was probably the best post for fall gifting! At first I guess I wasn’t expecting so many wonderful ideas but now instead of gifting I think I might have to turn this into a “things I need to buy” checklist! Thank you for creating this post!

  10. I’ll be sure to put waffle maker on my things-to-buy list when I get my own home in the future because that looks so amazing, and I love waffles 🥺💕 thanks for sharing!

  11. Great gift ideas (for myself, too!). I’ve added to my pinterest board so I can refer back when I am gift shopping for my foodie daughter. Thanks for some really good ideas!

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