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9 Refreshing Raspberry Cocktails to Enjoy at Home

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Stay in tonight with these refreshing raspberry cocktails to enjoy at home! Spritzers, margaritas, mojitos, this list has a little bit of everything to appeal to your taste buds. Grab a carton of fresh raspberries and start crafting these decadent drinks!

It’s Happy Hour!

Everyday between work and dinner is happy hour in my mind.

Don’t you love kicking back and cooling off midday with a cold drink and a plate of salty snacks? Buffalo Chicken Enchilada Dip and Street Corn Salsa are some of my favorite snacks to enjoy alongside a bag of salty tortilla chips.

While I may be more focused on the food, the cocktails are the star of the show!

Cold months are all about warm spiced drinks that keep you cozy and comforted, while hot months are for light, fruity concoctions to help beat the heat.

Luckily, raspberry-infused drinks are perfect all year round!

Whether it’s a bourbon smash with a fancy dinner or a spicy margarita alongside a southwestern dish, you cannot go wrong with this list of delicious red drinks.

Find a new favorite and keep replenishing your fresh raspberry supply until you get a taste of each one!

Raspberry Cocktails Essentials

Refreshing Raspberry Cocktails to Enjoy at Home

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Radiant and Rejuvenated

After sipping on a few of these dreamy cocktails, I hope YOU are feeling radiant and rejuvenated! Where to begin?? There are so many incredible options that you can whip up at home in no time.

Tell me, which one do you think you’ll give a try first?

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29 thoughts on “9 Refreshing Raspberry Cocktails to Enjoy at Home”

  1. Yum! Raspberries are one of my favorite things about summer. The Raspberry Bellini is what catches my attention the most. I will have to give it a try!

  2. All of these look so yummy and refreshing ! But I love the Raspberry Red Wine Spritzer ! Can’t wait to try it !

  3. Sarah | Pandora's Health

    Love these ideas! Raspberries are one of my favourite fruits and they’re amazing when they’re in season. I even just pop a few into a G&T and it adds an extra hit of fruitiness to it.

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