cool for the summer recipes

Cool For The Summer Recipes

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These Cool for the Summer Recipes are working overtime to bring you enjoyment without skimping on refreshment.

Delighting in an ice-cold treat on a blistering hot day is the pinnacle of summertime eats. The blazing sun always tends to melt a few drops onto your hand regardless of how fast you devour your favorite cool confections. It is a small price to pay in order to indulge in these delectable goods, from ice cream bars to homemade fruit popsicles!

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Staying Cool for the Summer with Good Eats

On your ideal day, how would you spend a waning summer evening watching the sun sink down over the horizon? Reading in a rocking chair on the front porch with a cold drink within reach; taking a breather under the shade tree munching on soft ice cream; or cleaning the face of a rambunctious toddler whose face is smeared with melting popsicles. 

Food is delicately intertwined with summer in a variety of ways. Whether it’s for hydration, refreshment, or just for the pure enjoyment of a good treat, these cool confections appear at every turn. Feel inspired to make the most of these moments by cherishing these desserts and drinks without any guilt, purely for the love of food. Enjoy! 

Make it a Meal!

Looking for more ways to stay cool? Enjoy any of these sides and snacks alongside your refreshing drinks help beat the heat!



Materials Needed for Cool Summer Eats

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What fond memories do you have of warm, July nights? I bet if you look really closely a few tastes and smells will surface that you’ll always associate with the magic of summer. I hope a few of these recipes transport you back into that blissful nostalgia.

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28 thoughts on “Cool For The Summer Recipes”

  1. I most certainly needed this! We struggle to know what to make in the summer to keep us cool. Between snacks and meals, we’re always stuck!

  2. Some great recipes you have gathered, wow! My kids loved your mango ice cream popsicles. Dragon fruit smoothie bowl will be on my menu today, cant wait to try it all, thanks

  3. All these recipes look delicious and perfect for the summer! I especially love the mint chocolate ice cream, creamsicle float, and lemonade recipes!

  4. I love these summer recipes! The shredded chicken burrito bowls look delicious. The dreamy creamsicle floats, strawberry watermelon lemonade and homemade whole fruit popsicles look fantastic and would be great ways to stay cool this summer. I might have to invest in some popsicle moulds! 😋

    Thank you for sharing!

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